Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eggs Benedict

Tina- Ok so we are just going to jump in and do this. I have no idea what I am doing so bare with me. I have never done this kind of blog. My daughter Jordyn (age 12) and I love the idea of cooking great food. We just don't know how. We decided to go for it and use all different cookbooks to make great food (hopefully). We are going to document our journey with pictures and our experience along the way. This is going to be fun.
Here is our first recipe and it was a success! Yay! Homemade hollandaise sauce was the scariest part for us. We did it and it was delicious.

Jordyn- This was the very first eggs benedict i've ever made and it tasted amazingly delicious. I thought there had to be something to go wrong but everthing was perfect. The hollandaise sauce was perfectly balanced with all the fresh ingredients. And the eggs were just right (not to soft, not to hard). Who knows what we'll make next, but i'm sure it will be great:)

Regular version of Eggs Benedict Low Carb version of Eggs Benedict
I was out of canadian bacon so we had to use diced ham but it was still yummy!


Allyssa said...

This looks like a positively, delectable dish. I can't wait to have you cook me something!

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